Established in 2013, The Protein Source is a fast casual Modern Healthy Kitchen and Wellness Bar concept designed to promote Energy, Performance and Wellbeing to the everyday athlete or individual that desires to achieve or maintain healthy eating habits or goals.

Whether you are looking to lose/gain weight, follow a diet plan or you are just looking to live a healthy life, The Protein Source has designed each meal to be healthy, nutritional and delicious. 

All of our meals are carefully crafted to be nutritionally balanced in order to help our customers reach their personal goals. The Protein Source serves a combination of organic complex carbohydrates to always fresh greens and vegetables, complemented with wild caught fish, all natural and free range and  high quality meats.

My background as a professional athlete and my commitment to researching healthy eating habits provided a level of experience and understanding that ultimately became the basis in creating The Protein Source. With our innovative and flavorful menu items we have transformed the way thousands of people view the stereotype of “boring, tasteless, diet” foods. Our mission is not to just provide a great dining experience but to continue to educate our patrons and share our mission to ensure the public stays healthy.

Claud Barboni, Founder


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