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The Protein Source has conceptualized the business model of combining a Healthy Kitchen and Wellness Bar into a high-level dining experience without implementing gouging prices.  By converting healthy recipes into delicious meals, The Protein Source has devised a culinary experience that undermines the stereotypes of “bland or tasteless” meals and has created a new reputation for healthy eating in the Las Vegas region.  In order to expand the mission of healthy eating with our top-notch recipes, The Protein Source has decided to expand this vision to the national market.  We are now opening up franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs that are interested and committed to expanding this mission into other regions by sharing our healthy, chef style recipes and business model.


What to expect by partnering with The Protein Source  via our franchise opportunities?  First, the dedication and determination to be a “hands-on” owner in reinventing the reputation of healthy eating in your area.  The Protein Source corporate office is committed to providing you with all our knowledge, guidance, and support throughout your franchise building experience, because ultimately your success is our success.  What does this translate into exactly?  This means you will have a “partner” guiding you through the restaurant setup, (including build-out and décor), sharing our best practices and business model, but most importantly, our specialized menus. This will also include providing you with our procedures and processes that have proven to ensure a successful transition, plus our training encompasses the day-to-day operational needs of The Protein Source franchise.  We do not stop there; we will provide three weeks of classroom and on-the-job training for partners and key management staff.  We take it a step further, with the opening of the restaurant, The Protein Source  will provide ongoing support including quality reviews and checkpoints, access to our approved suppliers and proprietary products as well as technology assistance. 


You and your partners or key management staff will receive up to three weeks (and at least 10 days) of classroom and on-the-job training covering all important aspects of running your business, as well as ongoing support following the opening of your restaurant. You will have assistance in setting up your restaurant. You will be provided a detailed operation manual, the rights to use our exclusive trademarks and recipes, plus access to our approved suppliers and proprietary products.

Established experience in the restaurant industry is a requirement for at least one partner. The franchise will still be provided the training to implement our proven procedures and standards. 

The franchise fee for a single-unit franchise is $40,000. The franchise fee for 3 units is $100,000. These fees fund our pre-opening support of your operations, including the site selection assistance, initial training and onsite support.

The estimated required investment ranges between $350,000 and $550,000 with a minimum liquid capital requirement of $350,000.

We recommend that the location is between 1500 and 2000 square feet.

The AUV of a The Protein Source 1500sqft location is $1.3M.

The initial term of your franchise agreement is ten years, with three subsequent five-year renewal terms.

Franchisees will be required to pay a royalty of 6%. These fees allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of new products, procedures, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades.

Franchisees will contribute 1% of revenues toward a system marketing fund. Funds are used to develop marketing strategies to promote the concepts and brands and fund the creative costs to develop local franchise marketing materials.

How do I get started?

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